Rebekah’s Haven

Rebekah’s Haven was founded in February of 2004; and is under the direction of Mrs. Jacque Franco.  The ladies with small children seeking shelter at Rebekah’s Haven find a true friend in Jaccque.  She cares for the physical and spiritual needs of the mothers as well as their children with compassion, understanding, and the love of the Christ.



At Rebekah’s Haven we provide hope and the possibility of a new life to homeless and needy women with children.


We are on the move ~ to find out more about the new and improved Rebekah’s Haven, please watch this short video on how you can get involved.

Rebekah’s Haven functions under the governance of the Toledo Gospel Rescue Mission Board of Trustees, its Executive Director, and the Rebekah’s Haven Advisory Committee .

Shelter From The Storms Of Life

At 124 20th St. we offer shelter for homeless women with small children. Each mother shares a private room with her children and cares for their needs. These women may stay in during the day with their children for the necessary time it takes to receive stable housing based on their individual recovery plan developed with the help of Mrs. Franco. Making these children feel safe and secure in the midst of a crisis is our goal. More than just a homeless shelter, but a safe place.

Our Works Skills/Transient Volunteer program is an option for ladies who are sincerely trying to better their lives. They receive mentoring and guidance in their spiritual life, work ethics training, basic life skills training, and work therapy.

Referral Program

These ladies were not “planning” to be homeless. Often they leave their homes with the clothes on their backs or what they can carry in a small bag. They have no idea where to turn for help. The staff at Rebekah’s Haven, through their affiliation with the Toledo Gospel Rescue Mission, are able to give the women referrals to other local agencies for things like housing, transportation, dental work, legal services, and other health related needs at local clinics.  Not re-inventing the wheel; we work with existing agencies that are already in place and functioning in the downtown area.

Items Provided

Donations to Rebekah’s Haven, through the Toledo Gospel Rescue Mission, provide all of the bed linens, laundry supplies, soap, shampoo, towels, toothpaste & toothbrushes, deodorant, and feminine hygiene products, as well as diapers and wipes as they become available. Bibles are freely given to them as well as clothing and household goods.  Many of them set up house when they leave Rebekah’s Haven with items from the TGRM Mission Mall which is  located at 117 W. Woodruff Ave (Downtown Toledo).


Financial contributions are essential for keeping the ministry of Rebekah’s Haven open to women and children in need. Your donations are changing lives for the better and giving hope in a hopeless situation.


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